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Unmanned vessel aids near-shore projects with Trimble GNSS

Image: Trimble/Teledyne Marine

Photo: Trimble/Teledyne Marine

Teledyne Marine has released the Z-Boat 1800-T unmanned survey vessel, equipped with Trimble’s high-precision GNSS heading receiver and compatible with Trimble Marine Construction (TMC) software.

The Z-Boat 1800-T enables marine construction and dredging projects to run efficiently and be monitored in real time anywhere in the world.

Z-Boat 1800-T Trimble Edition fleet. (Photo: Trimble)

Z-Boat 1800-T Trimble Edition fleet. (Photo: Trimble)

The Z-Boat 1800-T, designed and manufactured by Teledyne Oceanscience, is a high-resolution shallow water hydrographic unmanned survey vehicle with the newly released Odom Hydrographic Echotrac E20 Singlebeam Echosounder and dual antenna Trimble BX992 GNSS heading receiver. Each sensor is integrated into a compact, portable and cost-effective package.

The combination of Trimble’s high-precision heading and positioning/guidance paired with Teledyne’s accurate/precise sonars allow for data collection under harsh conditions. Both sensors can be removed and mounted on other watercraft and barges to maximize data-collection capabilities.

The data is remotely viewable in real time, giving the operator full control and confidence. The boat’s small footprint allows access to areas that are too small, confined or unsafe for larger vessels.

Photo: Teledyne Marine

Photo: Teledyne Marine

“Teledyne Marine and Trimble continue to create a paradigm shift for marine construction by providing real-time vision, guidance and survey across a project’s complete construction lifecycle — improving safety, eliminating or reducing work redoes, and helping to complete projects faster and under budget. This system provides as-building updates or what we call ‘eyes below the water,’” said Ted Germann, Teledyne Marine’s vice president of Emerging Markets.

“Trimble’s experience in GNSS guidance systems, and Teledyne’s leadership in shallow-water hydrographic surveying provides an ideal solution for marine construction contractors and surveyors,” said Kevin Garcia, general manager of Trimble Civil Specialty Solutions. “The Teledyne Z-Boat 1800T release means that near-shore construction workflows now have a quick mobilization tool to identify sub-surface obstructions, provide ad hoc inspections and increase site safety. This feature-loaded solution makes the unmanned surveying vessel affordable for all sizes of customers.”

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