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UKspace ‘manifesto’ recommends post-Brexit UK GNSS

UK and EU referendum

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A new post-Brexit GNSS “must be secured,” according to the UKspace trade association. UKspace on Nov. 21 published its manifesto for a future British government to consider, actions that will enable Britain to compete in
the “new space race.”

Among the recommendations is a satellite system to provide navigation services.
“The UK’s post-Brexit participation in a new global satellite navigation system must be secured, whether through ESA or a sovereign capability,” the manifesto said.

“The 2019 Spending Review committed to continuing to provide £191M of funding to support Brexit-related activities ‘including the development of a UK Global Navigation Satellite System option and delivering business stability for company law and audit.’

“Following this initial design phase, the estimated cost of the programme is £5B. This needs to be reflected in long-term budget lines to sustain key precision, navigation and timing skills in the industry.”

Other topics in the manifesto include increased funding for the European Space Agency (ESA), establishment of a national space program, continuing to partner on Copernicus, and funding for the new National Space Council.

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