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u-blox, Nordian introduce PointPerfect GNSS correction service to Brazil

Image: u-blox

Image: u-blox

u-blox has partnered with Nordian Positioning Solutions to expand coverage of the PointPerfect GNSS correction service to Brazil.

The collaboration aims to facilitate precise positioning for various applications, with a focus on high-precision agriculture, service robots, machinery automation, micro-mobility and emerging automotive applications, such as lane-accurate navigation and telematics.

PointPerfect is designed to provide centimeter-level accuracy and achieve convergence in seconds with 99.9% uptime reliability. The service ensures uniform coverage across the globe. Notably, PointPerfect’s recently introduced Localized Distribution feature is intended to reduce user data costs by using 90% less data than typical network real-time kinematic (RTK) services. This combination of low-bandwidth data stream and flexible service plans offers easy scalability for future needs.

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