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Trimble Penmap for Android Cloud-based Field Software

Trimble® Penmap® for Android™ is a powerful, yet incredibly straightforward, cloud-connected application for field surveying and high-accuracy GIS data collection. It’s designed to do all the basics well, and provides both professional surveyors and field workers with an intuitive, easy-to-use map-based interface for entering and managing features and attributes. Supporting a select set of essential features, it’s focused and efficient—ideal for the work you need done.

  • Supports core survey functionality and high-accuracy GIS data collection
  • Powerful but straightforward workflows
  • Intuitive interface using your own Android device
  • Supports Trimble Catalyst™ software-based GNSS receiver for on-demand precise positioning
  • Compatible with existing Trimble GNSS R-Series receivers
Penmap for Android
Penmap for Android
Penmap for Android
Penmap for Android
Penmap for Android
Penmap for Android
Penmap for Android

An effective tool for your field kit

  • Provides core survey functionality including cadastral and boundary surveys, stake-outs, QA/QC checks, and records and stores all measurement data.
  • Syncs with Trimble Connect, a collaborative cloud platform, for easy upload and transfer of data between office and field and back.
  • Includes a powerful Feature and Attribute system that is fully compatible with industry standard surveying/CAD, GIS, and data management applications.
  • Supports survey tasks and high-accuracy GIS data collection within the same application.

Trimble technology at your fingertips

  • Runs on Android devices such as your own smartphone and tablet, or a fully rugged device like the Android-based Trimble TDC100 handheld.
  • Supports the subscription-based Trimble Catalyst™ software GNSS receiver*, providing very low initial cost of ownership and flexible plans for a complete surveying/GIS system.
  • Compatible with full-featured Trimble GNSS receivers such as the R2, R8s and R10.

* Trimble Catalyst does not support the TDC100 handheld.


General Surveying: Cadastral and boundary surveys; staking; site calibrations; measurements; land registration; mapping.

Electric & Gas: Documenting infrastructure; recording encroachments, clearways, existing monuments; locating crossings.

GIS: High-accuracy data collection, features and attributes.


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