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Traxens offers smart-container tracking to manage COVID-19 supplies

Photo:Traxens has introduced new pricing for its smart containers tracking system to help global partners manage the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting supply chains across the globe. In a volatile market, supply chains must be resilient and able to adjust quickly and efficiently. Changes to global trade agreements and other factors always create some degree of uncertainty in supply chains,” Traxens stated in a press release. “This year however, COVID-19 has taken supply chain uncertainty to a whole new level.”

Traxens’ smart-container solutions provide real-time visibility into global shipments. Its smart containers and data services give customers key data insights about when, where and why disruptions or delays occur. With accurate insights provided, customers can make quick decisions and collaborate with partners and customers to minimize costs, delays and backlogs.

“If everyone across the supply chain has access to these vital insights, the industry will be better placed to return to normal once the pandemic has been brought under control.”

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