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Tersus GNSS releases white paper on ExtremeRTK Technology

Photo: Tersus GNSS

Photo: Tersus GNSS

Tersus GNSS has released a white paper on ExtremeRTK Technology. According to the company, the white paper demonstrates how ExtremeRTK Technology delivers excellent performance in all manner of surveying scenarios and describes its impressive compensated results when performing tilt surveys — even tilt at angles greater than 90°.

As a professional real-time kinematic (RTK) developer and manufacturer, Tersus believes the stability and accuracy of RTK are the cornerstones of RTK measurement.

According to the paper, “ExtremeRTK integrates the receiver’s hardware, high-precision baseband IC [integrated circuit], RTK engine, GNSS/INS coupling algorithm, etc. It enables unprecedented performance stability in challenging environments and prevents occurrences of occasional RTK positioning outliers.”

Tersus starts from scratch — engineering each element from its foundation in the physics of GNSS. From signal capture and baseband tracking engine to position-velocity-time (PVT) results and the overall algorithm of RTK, Tersus completes all algorithm logic independently.

The white paper discusses:

  • signal tracking and multipath mitigation capabilities
  • fix speed in open-sky and challenging environments
  • accuracy when performing RTK control/detail point/continuous point surveys
  • GNSS/INS tilt compensation.

Test results described indicate the remarkable performance of ExtremeRTK technology in RTK initialization, accuracy and tilt compensation. Based on ExtremeRTK, Tersus will continue to invest in the further development of RTK receivers by adding photogrammetry, laser scanning and more.

Meanwhile, Tersus will also focus research and development on professional industry software, the integration of resources in data management, and big-data applications so it can provide users with additional professional services.

To download the white paper, visit the Tersus GNSS site.

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