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Sokkia releases two robotic total stations for survey, layout

Photo: Sokkia

Photo: Sokkia

Sokkia has launched two robotic total stations designed to improve job site productivity: the iX-1200 and iX-600.

According to Sokkia, the total stations, designed as a part of a full workflow solution, are professional-level positioning tools for survey and layout in the building construction and infrastructure trades. They’re engineering for integration with field controllers, software and GNSS receivers.

In addition, advanced users can take measurements in almost any environment while switching to the most appropriate technology — total station measurement integrated with GNSS measurement — through an optional upgrade to Hybrid Positioning technology, Sokkia said. The stations also can be seamlessly integrated into BIM workflows.

“The high-performance technologies incorporated into the design provide increased prism-tracking strength,” said Ray Kerwin, director of global product planning. “Through a combination of optical sensing and ultrasonic motors, UltraTrac technology helps users stay locked onto the prism — and productive with less down time resulting from the need to reacquire prism lock — even in dynamic job site conditions. The system also features the RC-PR5A remote controller option used on the prism pole so the user can quickly and simply reestablish the connection between prism and total station.”

The total stations, available in multiple accuracy models, can be used with the SHC6000 field controller and GeoPro or MAGNET Field software for optimal performance, Sokkia added.

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