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Skyward launches risk assessment for Aviation Management Platform

Skyward has released a new risk assessment tool for its Aviation Management Platform, which is designed to help drone program managers proactively identify and document critical risks to an operation.

For assessing risk, users answer a series of risk questions developed by Skyward’s drone experts and based on aviation best practices. Each answer is assigned a risk level: low, moderate or high. As each question is answered, an overall risk summary score is generated based on the highest level of risk present, Skyward said.

Photo: Skyward

Photo: Skyward

Users can also add mitigation for any risk level by adding explanations and adjusting the risk levels. The mitigated risk will be noted in the summary, and the note will be synced across the Skyward software platform.

Skyward, based in Portland, Oregon, develops drone programs for industries such as construction, industrial inspection, media, insurance, real estate, mining, precision agriculture and more. Skyward was acquired by Verizon in 2017.

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