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SkyBitz GPS tracker targeted at light- to medium-duty trucks

SA2012 offers customers configurable GPS tracking device on the latest 4G network

Photo: SkyBitz

Photo: SkyBitz

SkyBitz has launched the SA2012, equipped with the latest 4G LTE with 3G fallback, positioned for the light- to medium-duty vehicle tracking market.

With the option to purchase a range of price packages with configurable feature sets, the SA2012 is designed for customers looking for a scalable vehicle telematics solution they can use to increase profit margins and satisfy customer demand.

The hardware can be installed using the Ops Center mobile device, either directly plugging it into the vehicle diagnostic port or covertly installing it behind the dashboard, depending on customer preference.

Once installed, the device feeds into the SkyBitz Ops Center platform, where users can manage the new device alongside all others via a single interface. Customers will have coverage across North America, including Mexico and Canada.

The basic package includes GPS location data and estimated odometer and engine hours. With several options leading up to the Pro package, SkyBitz offers a variety of location, engine, and safety data that can be selected based on the customers’ operational goals and budget.

Customers can configure their solution with minimal training, adding features such as advanced alarms and notification schedules and over-the-air upgrades when future features are released.

“SkyBitz strives to bring the latest technology to market that meets industry demand but also exceeds our customers’ expectations. This is one more device added to the SkyBitz product line that is now delivered on the latest network, and integrated into the SkyBitz Ops Center platform so customers can easily see vehicle and asset data on one dashboard,” said Debbie Sackman, senior product manager with SkyBitz. “This device targets small and medium businesses and offers a flexible package choice where customers can add additional features with OTA upgrades as their business grows.”

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