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Septentrio receiver tackles machine control in challenging environments

Image: Septentrio

Image: Septentrio

Septentrio has added to its integrated GPS/GNSS receiver portfolio with the AsteRx SB ProDirect, which delivers reliable high-accuracy positioning for machine navigation and control in challenging environments.

The AsteRx SB ProDirect dual-antenna receiver is designed as an “install-and-forget” device to provide continuous positioning for demanding industrial applications, Septentrio said. It gives machines and robotics access to heading and pitch or heading and roll information immediately on power-up. This allows for trajectory path optimization and fully informed navigation from mission start.

The AsteRx SB ProDirect is designed to provide the GNSS positioning and position-independent heading needed for robotics, machine control and similar applications. It uses either a single or dual antennas and is designed for quick integration into any machine monitoring or control system.

Contained in a single, waterproof ruggedized box, the robust receiver uses Septentrio’s LOCK+ technology, optimizing positioning and heading performance under intense mechanical vibrations, shakes or shocks.

Septentrio also offers housed GNSS/INS receivers with inertial integration for a full attitude solution, including heading, pitch and roll, on top of high-accuracy positioning. Integration of the AsteRx SBi’s inertial sensor allows continuous positioning and attitude even during short GNSS outages, which can happen near high structures or under foliage.

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