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Septentrio launches AsteRx-i3, its next-gen GNSS/INS product line

By expanding its GNSS/INS product family, Septentrio starts offering more application-specific positioning and orientation solutions

Septentrio, a leader in high-precision GNSS positioning solutions, has launched the AsteRx-i3 — a new product line of high-performance GNSS plus inertial navigation system (INS) receivers.

The AsteRx-i3 product family brings to market an array of next-generation receivers from plug-and-play navigation solutions to feature-rich receivers with raw measurement access. OEM boards are available for rapid integration as well as ruggedized receivers enclosed in a waterproof IP68 housing.

The variety of products in the AsteRx-i3 line accommodates the specific needs of applications that require high-accuracy positioning together with 3D orientation, heading, pitch and roll angles.

The AsteRx-i3 Pro+ in a rugged housing. (Photo: Septentrio)

The AsteRx-i3 Pro+ in a rugged housing. (Photo: Septentrio)

“Using our off-the-shelf GNSS/INS systems allows our customers to focus their efforts on core technology and to reduce their products’ time-to-market,” said Danilo Sabbatini, product manager at Septentrio. “With this new generation of products, we aim to satisfy specific needs of various customers. Instead of releasing a single general-purpose product, we bring several dedicated solutions for fastest and easiest integration into systems that require robotic navigation or sensor fusion.”

AsteRx-i3 Pro+ receivers support either single- or dual-antenna modes. The single-antenna mode is suitable for compact and light-weight configurations. The dual-antenna mode reduces the need for movement during IMU initialization, allowing fully informed navigation from mission start.

The AsteRx-i3 product line includes five new GNSS/INS receivers.

  • The Pro receivers offer high accuracy positioning with 3D orientation and dead-reckoning functionality for fastest and easiest plug-and-play integrations.
  • The Pro+ are the most versatile receivers providing integrated positioning and orientation along with raw measurements, in single- or dual-antenna configurations, suitable for applications with sensor fusion. One of the receivers offers an off-board inertial measurement unit (IMU), which can be mounted exactly at the alignment point of interest.

For more information about the new AsteRx-i3 product line visit or contact Septentrio.

Photo: Septentrio

Photo: Septentrio

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