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Septentrio expands product portfolio for marine market

The housed AsteRx-U3 Marine and the OEM board AsteRx-m3 Fg are the two new GNSS receivers for dredging, marine construction and offshore applications

Photo: CharlieChesvick/E+/Getty Images

Photo: CharlieChesvick/E+/Getty Images

Septentrio, a leader in high-precision GNSS positioning solutions, has launched two new GNSS products for marine applications: AsteRx-U3 Marine and AsteRx-m3 Fg.

Both products offer accurate positioning near shore and offshore via centimeter-level real-time kinematic (RTK) or the built-in Fugro precise point positioning (PPP) sub-decimeter subscription service, delivered either over NTRIP internet or over L-band satellite.

Corrections delivered over L-band allow dredging, bathymetry or marine construction projects even in areas where there is no internet service. The AsteRx-U3 Marine receiver, enclosed in an IP68-rated housing, offers a unique feature of a dedicated L-band demodulator with a separate L-band RF input, which allows for the use of dedicated antennas for excellent reception of L-band signals even at high latitudes.

“The new products are designed around our most powerful GNSS core, bringing the latest evolution in GNSS technology to the demanding marine construction and dredging markets,” said Silviu Taujan, product manager at Septentrio. “They build on the success of the field-proven AsteRx-U Marine Fg and AsteRx4-Fg, with more processing power to allow tracking of all visible satellite signals while enabling higher update rates. AsteRx-U3 Marine and AsteRx-m3 Fg are both feature-rich receivers, combining the best-in-class RTK base and rover functionality with an option of sub-decimeter PPP positioning.”

Orders for both products can be placed immediately. Deliveries for AsteRx-m3 Fg will follow the company’s standard lead times, while deliveries for AsteRx-U3 Marine will start from July.

Septentrio GNSS technology is resilient to RF interference, which on vessels can come from satellite uplinks such as Iridium modems or from other radio antennas. Having robust GNSS technology means accurate and uninterrupted positioning on any vessel, even in challenging marine environments. Both AsteRx-U3 Marine and AsteRx-m3 Fg receivers offer accurate heading and pitch or heading and roll orientation information with the dual GNSS antenna configuration.

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