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Rokubun launches JASON GNSS PPK service in the cloud

Photo: stock_colors/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Photo: stock_colors/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Robukun has launched JASON, a satellite navigation service for accurate geolocation. With JASON, users can achieve highly accurate geolocation without a base station, Robukun said.

JASON works under a “freemium” pricing model, making it possible to use it for free or to subscribe to monthly professional or premium plans.

JASON is a post-processed kinematic (PPK) satellite positioning service in the cloud that allows users to achieve highly accurate geolocation by uploading GPS/GNSS campaign data. JASON will try to obtain the best possible positioning solution on a best-effort basis. It will use PPK with the nearest GNSS continuously operating reference station (CORS) in the service’s database or with he user’s own provided station if no close CORS are available, or precise point positioning. The data can be processed interactively by using the Robukun website or automating the workflow via the Robukun API.

JASON also features a free data-conversion service for GNSS raw measurements.The service is compatible with Argonaut, u-blox, Septentrio, Android GnssLogger and any receiver able to export industry standard RINEX v2 or v3 file formats.

According to Robukun’s CEO Xavier Banqué-Casanovas, JASON cloud service allows users to get the best possible performance out of their GNSS equipment using an internet browser, without the need for special installation or updates requirements.

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