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RedLore launches high-accuracy onsite positioning solution

RedLore logoRedLore has launched a high-resolution version of Locus Site, its patented solution for high-accuracy onsite positioning. The real-time location system (RTLS) pinpoints assets down to one-half foot or 15 cm without requiring wiring throughout the facility.

Locus Site provides high-accuracy tracking for companies and facilities where installing wires is not possible. A 200,000-square-foot facility can be equipped with positioning capability in one day.

“The world’s logistical processes are today stretched to the breaking point,” said RedLore CEO Niek Van Dierdonck. “Keeping track, in real-time, of the location and condition of assets onsite and during loading and unloading provides an immediate improvement in efficiencies. Locus Site offers exactly that at a fraction of the cost and burden of other systems.” The system uses wireless sensors and asset tags, configured with a desktop app and supported by a mobile app.

Locus Site is used by manufacturers, healthcare service providers, construction companies, logistics companies and others to track everything in their facility without manual intervention.

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