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Receive RTK correction data with a VBOX NTRIP Modem

[SPONSORED CONTENT]  VBOX NTRIP Modem allows you to receive RTK correction data via internet, without having to operate your own base station. By accessing public or commercial RTK networks, correction messages from a grid of permanent base stations can be received by either Wi-Fi or 4G cellular connection. Utilizing Network RTK overcomes the range restrictions of a single base station, allowing for centimeter-level RTK accuracy to be achieved over significant distances. Additionally, receiving corrections via internet rather than radio provides a more reliable signal reception as interference from changes in elevation or topographical obstacles are minimized.

If your use of RTK corrections is localized, then you can still gain the benefits of increased range and signal reliability offered by utilizing internet-based correction messages. Simply connect your base station to a computer with internet access and cast the correction messages from your base station directly to the VBOX NTRIP Modem.

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