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Racelogic introduces VBOX Touch GNSS datalogger

VBOX Touch datalogger. (Photo: Racelogic)

VBOX Touch datalogger. (Photo: Racelogic)

The VBOX Touch from Racelogic is the first in a new generation of highly flexible, enhanced accuracy GNSS dataloggers. The powerful hardware can be used in many types of diverse automotive tests such as acceleration, braking, speed verification, tyre temperature monitoring, lap-timing and durability, according to the company.

The VBOX Touch comes preloaded with a sophisticated performance application that covers many common use cases. Other applications can be downloaded free of charge from the Racelogic online library. Racelogic can also write custom scripts based on customer requirements.

The VBOX Touch has a daylight readable colour touchscreen, 10-Hz GNSS engine, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, twin CAN ports, serial port, digital input and four multi-color LEDs.

Applications are written in Python script, offering greater flexibility as well as the potential for users to write code to solve their specific testing requirements. If you need a configurable, touchscreen display which can interact with two different CAN buses, log data, know the precise position and speed whilst giving clear feedback to drivers, then the VBOX Touch is for you.

A high-accuracy 2-cm RTK GPS version is available, which uses the latest dual-frequency GPS, GLONASS and Galileo signals to deliver accuracy even under difficult conditions. These new signals significantly increase the RTK resilience near trees and tall buildings, providing precise lap-timing, position triggers and trajectory maps in places where 2-cm GPS has typically not been available.

Founded in 1992, RACELOGIC are based in Buckingham, UK, and have supplied the Automotive industry with reliable and accurate GPS dataloggers for the last 18 years. In the development of the VBOX Touch we have worked closely with our end users to create a powerful tool to help them deliver results faster and more accurately on the test track or open road.

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