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QGIS Grant Programme 2022 Results

We are extremely pleased to announce the four funded proposals for our 2022 QGIS.ORG grant programme. Funding for the programme was sourced by you, our project donors and sponsorsNote: For more context surrounding our grant programme, please see: QGIS Grants #7: Call for Grant Proposals 2022

These are the proposals:

  1. Add SQL Logging to the debugging/development panel
  2. QGIS setting registry enhancement
  3. Fix handling of provider default value clauses/Autogenerate/nextval(…) handling
  4. Support building QGIS application on Qt 6

Since the total requested budget is equal to the available budget, there is no need for a voting this year.

On behalf of the QGIS.ORG project, I would like to thank everyone who submitted proposals for this call!

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