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QGIS Annual General Meeting – 2022

Dear QGIS Community,

We recently held our 2022 QGIS Annual General Meeting. The minutes of this meeting are available for all to view.

I would like to welcome our new QGIS PSC member: Régis Haubourg. Régis has been a geomatics enthusiast for years and started deploying and funding QGIS development in 2008 as a GIS and database administrator for a water basin agency.

From 2016 to 2021, he worked for Oslandia mainly on QGIS, learned “the developer’s” side of things and could professionally collaborate with other great contributors to the project. Régis has been promoting the QGIS in the french User group, organizing 4 QGIS french user days, and being the local chapter chair for 2 years. Since 2022, he has worked for a scientific institute promoting greener construction and retrofitting methods to fight against climate change. Welcome! We’re very excited to start working with you!

I’d like to take a moment to deeply thank Paolo Cavallini for all his work in QGIS and in the QGIS PSC.

Paolo got involved in QGIS very long ago, first as a user, then more and more deeply in various activities, initiating and supporting various plugins and core functions (e.g. GDAL Tools, DB Manager), opening and managing bugs, taking care of GRASS modules, handling the trademark registration, etc. Paolo also acted as Finance and Marketing Advisor for several years before taking over the plugin approval process.

Between 2018 and 2020 Paolo served as PSC chair helping QGIS rapidly evolve into a more and more professional project. In 2020 Paolo was reelected as a member of the QGIS PSC where he has been helping in different roles.

Looking up the source code in GIT, I see that your first commit back in May 2011 was the translation of the words: Avvio, Scegli and Arrivo (Begin, Choose, Stop). I really hope that your next commit will be the translation of “Ri-Avvio” since I’m sure you still have a lot to give to QGIS as a community member!

Grazie di cuore!

I will continue to serve on the PSC as chair, and Anita Graser will take over the role of Vice-Chair. The board is completed by our longstanding treasurer Andreas Neumann.

I am also pleased to say that the project governance is in good hands with Jürgen Fischer and Alessandro Pasotti kindly making themselves available to serve on the PSC for another two years.

It is also great to know that our project founder, Gary Sherman, and long-term PSC member Tim Sutton continue to serve on the PSC as honorary PSC members. They both set the standard for our great project culture, and it is great to have his continued presence.

QGIS has been growing from strength to strength, backed by a really amazing community of kind and collaborative users, developers, contributors and funders. I look forward to seeing how it continues to grow and flourish.

Rock on QGIS!


Marco Bernasocchi (QGIS.ORG Chair)

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