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Phase One launches 280-megapixel camera with Applanix GNSS

Photo: Phase One Industrial

Photo: Phase One Industrial

Phase One Industrial has launched a 280-megapixel aerial photogrammetric system, with an image coverage width of more than 20,000 pixels.

The large format enables unprecedented high-quality aerial survey productivity, the company said. Compact and lightweight, the new aerial mapping solution can reduce operating costs and produce better returns on investment than today’s traditional large format systems.

The Phase One Industrial 280MP Aerial Solution consists of an iXM-RS 280F large format camera, Applanix GNSS/IMU receiver (POS AV series), Somag gyro-stabilized mount (DSM 400), Phase One iX Controller and iX Flight Management software.

The system is a large format camera system that easily integrates with the DSM400 gyro-stabilized mount, creating a compact and lightweight system for use in a wide range of aircraft.

At the system’s heart is the iXM-RS 280F, a dual-lens metric camera with 90mm lenses for capturing RGB information, providing precision imaging. Adding a near infrared (NIR) camera generates a 4-band configuration, most useful in agriculture, forestry and pipeline monitoring.

The iXM-RS 280F camera generates a central projection image from two 150MP nadir images with equal ground resolution. The cameras’ backside illuminated CMOS sensor supports very high dynamic range at 83dB. Its high light sensitivity provides superb image quality in challenging low light conditions, enabling operators to take advantage of more flight hours per day and more flight days per year.

“Our 280MP Aerial Solution is a bold and innovative approach to solving customers’ demands for affordable and reliable aerial mapping performance,” said Dov Kalinski, general manager, Phase One Industrial. “Previously, opportunities in the aerial mapping business were restricted due to high cost of equipment and limited aircraft options. While pioneering superior image quality, Phase One Industrial is creating more profitable possibilities in this exciting and important market.”

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