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Lidar USA partners with Teledyne Optech on UAV sensor integration

Teledyne Optech, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in advanced lidar sensors, has announced that its new compact lidar sensor, the CL-90, is available for purchase through its first integration partnership with Lidar USA.

For more than 20 years, Lidar USA has been building UAV sensor systems that meet the demands of a growing number of applications.

Lidar USA has sold thousands of systems worldwide. Its ability to support numerous industries with cutting-edge integration makes them an ideal partner for Teledyne Optech’s compact lidar sensors, Teledyne stated in a press release.

Lidar USA’s products are used for surveying-related tasks ranging from topography work, to highways and land development. They are also used for agricultural work for forestry and plant growth, and have applications in archeology as well.

Teledyne Optech’s CL-90 sensor features exceptional canopy penetration for excellent ground coverage, long-range performance for maximum productivity at UAS ceilings, and best-in-class data precision for tight-tolerance applications; an ideal companion to Lidar USA’s robust and dynamic integration capabilities.

“Our customers face many challenging projects and they need tools that can deliver. Whether it’s greater range, more accuracy, or better penetration of vegetation, using the new Optech CL-90 gives us the means of providing the tool to get the job done” said Lidar USA CEO Jeff Fagerman.

Teledyne Optech Executive Vice-President and General Manager Michel Stanier said in a statement:
“Teledyne Optech is pleased to partner with Lidar USA to bring our compact lidar sensors to market. Lidar USA is a premier UAV solution provider. As a result, we are confident that their integration expertise and strong global market presence will provide the ideal platform to deploy the CL-90’s rich, unique feature set into the UAV marketplace.”

Lidar USA will be at InterGEO this year and can be found at ICS Foyer Stand 2 featuring a fully integrated CL-90 solution. Teledyne Optech will be featuring some of its new Compact Lidar (CL) suite of products this year at InterGEO Booth B3. 042 from September 17-19 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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