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Kolmostar’s instant cold-boot GNSS module ready to sample

Photo: Kolmostar

Photo: Kolmostar

Kolmostar’s ultra-low power, instant cold boot GNSS module JEDI-200 and its evaluation kit (EVK) are now fully released and available for purchase.

The JEDI-200 was recognized by IoT World — one of the largest internet of things (IoT) conferences — as one of the most innovative consumer internet of things (IoT) solutions earlier this year.

JEDI-200 specification highlights include:

  • Low energy consumption of 25 mJ/position fix
  • Short cold-boot TTFF of 1 second
  • 5.0 meter CEP positioning accuracy
  • Supports GPS and BeiDou constellations
  • 50 Byte/12-hour compressed ephemeris (EPH) for speedy download, enabling A-GPS via LPWAN while significantly reducing EPH download power consumption overhead
  • High-performance cloud computing for minimum end device power consumption and seamless integration with customers’ backend data analytics platforms and dashboard applications
  • Integrated SAW filter, stand-alone LNA and TCXO
  • 12mm x 16mm industry-proven standard form factor for easy wireless connectivity integration

Specially designed for IoT applications such as pet and personal object tracking, livestock tracking, fixed and nomadic logistics, infrastructure tracking and shared economy, JEDI-200’s reduced level of power consumption and optimized efficiency with LPWAN solve IoT endpoint deployment’s pain-point of needing frequent recharges or a large battery.

“Kolmostar’s JEDI-200 is a breakthrough in the IoT asset and personnel tracking application domain,” said Lucy Fan, VP of marketing and sales at Kolmostar. “JEDI-200 is well suited for battery-powered IoT applications which have stringent requirements on product size, weight, response time, battery life and GPS reporting frequency.”

Worldwide customers have started developing based on JEDI-200, and field deployments are expected in the second half of 2020.

“We have seen unparalleled advantages of the JEDI-200, enabling unique features and use cases which cannot be achieved before with traditional GNSS solutions,” Fan said. “With the latest developments in cellular and non-cellular low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technologies, such as NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRaWAN and Sigfox, JEDI-200 is well positioned to enable more rapid deployment of IoT asset tracking use cases for our customers worldwide.”

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