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ION announces 2020 Annual Awards winners

Logo: ION

Logo: ION

The Institute of Navigation (ION) presented its Annual Awards during the ION International Technical Meeting and Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications Meeting, both held virtually Jan. 25-28.

The ION Annual Awards Program recognizes individuals making significant contributions or demonstrating outstanding performance relating to the art and science of navigation.

Robert Odolinski received the Per Enge Early Achievement Award for development of multi-GNSS models for precise real-time kinematic positioning and for the sustained dedication to the research community, future surveyors and navigation professionals. The Per Enge Early Achievement Award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions made early in one’s career.

Andrew P. Zimmerman received the Superior Achievement Award for validating critical navigation processes and collaborating with Air Force tacticians to provide the highest standards of navigation and protection for the Air Force’s premier electronic attack asset. The Superior Achievement Award is presented to recognize an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding performance as a practicing navigator of any vehicle, in any medium — marine, land, air, undersea and space.

Michael A. Lombardi received the Distinguished PTTI Service Award for system development and leadership in the successful delivery of the U.S. time and frequency standards signals to a variety of domestic and international PTTI users. The Distinguished PTTI Service Award is presented to recognize outstanding contributions related to the management of PTTI systems.

Jennifer E. Donaldson, Joel J. K. Parker, Michael C. Moreau, Dolan E. Highsmith and Philip D. Martzen received the Dr. Samuel M. Burka Award for their paper “Characterization of On-orbit GPS Transmit Antenna Patterns for Space Users.” Their paper was published in the Summer 2020 issue of Navigation, Journal of The Institute of Navigation, Vol 67, No. 2. The Dr. Samuel M. Burka Award recognizes outstanding achievement in the preparation of a paper advancing the art and science of positioning, navigation and timing.

Charles K. Toth received the Captain P. V. H. Weems Award for significant contributions to the development and implementation of multi-sensor integrated navigation systems and for demonstrated excellence as an academic mentor and professional leader. The Captain P. V. H. Weems Award is presented to individuals for continuing contributions to the art and science of navigation.

Karen L. Van Dyke received the Norman P. Hays Award for her significant contributions to civil GPS applications, for her lead role directing the Adjacent Band Compatibility study, and for her commitment to international PNT coordination. The Norman P. Hays Award is given in recognition of outstanding encouragement, inspiration and support contributing to the advancement of navigation.

Mingquan Lu received the Thomas L. Thurlow Award for significant and sustained contributions to the BDS-3 signals design and BDS-3/GNSS interoperable receivers development. The Thomas L. Thurlow Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the science of navigation.

Finally, Y. Jade Morton received the Distinguished Service Award for extraordinary service to The Institute of Navigation. The Distinguished Service Award recognizes extraordinary service to The Institute of Navigation.

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