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Infineon and Deeyook collaborate on low-power Wi-Fi location

Infineon logoInfineon Technologies AG and Deeyook are collaborating on location solutions. Infineon, a location-as-a-service (LaaS) company, has patented a tracking solution to determine indoor and outdoor locations of items, assets and employees.

Deeyook logoThe companies fused Deeyook’s ultra-precise algorithms into Infineon’s low-power AIROC Wi-Fi portfolio to enable an accurate, passive, ubiquitous and efficient location solution.

Deeyook specializes in wireless signal processing applicable to incumbent Wi-Fi/4G/5G modem firmware versions. The firmware extracts angles of wireless transmissions (direction finding, or DF), for commercial wireless tracking. Deeyook’s tracking capabilities are ultra-precise, providing location information within 10 cm/4 in, passively exploiting the install base of 1.7 billion wireless access points worldwide.

“There are many challenges when companies implement real-time location systems, primarily because tracking solutions, such as RFID, are not really ubiquitous. This is particularly acute with GPS, which has many shortcomings,” said Gideon Rottem, CEO and co-founder of Deeyook. “We created Deeyook to address these challenges — technology that is ubiquitous and can track things with the utmost precision indoors, outdoors and in bad weather. We are excited to work with Infineon because its AIROC Wi-Fi portfolio is reliable and power efficient.”

“Infineon’s mission is to make the world an easier, safer and greener place with our technologies through smart, connected devices,” said Sivaram Trikutam, senior director, IoT Compute and Wireless, Infineon Technologies. “These new IoT solutions support multiple location tracking technologies. Previously, Wi-Fi was not considered a viable option due to its power demands, while additionally, real-time locating system (RTLS) deployments required businesses to utilize custom solutions with costly infrastructure, engineering and labor-intensive installation.”

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