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IFEN releases new NCS Nova RF signal simulator

Release V2.8 provides advanced interference, spoofing, encryption and authentication simulation capability

Photo: IFEN

Photo: IFEN

IFEN GmbH has released a new version of its NCS Nova RF signal simulator, offering a full package of advanced simulation capabilities.

With its now-integrated interference generation capability (AWGN, CW, pulsed and chirp), NCS Nova version 2.8 can generate coherent interference signals with a signal power of up to –30 dBm.

The ability to assign two users to one RF output enables integrated spoofing scenarios with a single RF output (one user is the original simulated user; the other is the target spoofing user). Thus, spoofing is available even with an entry-level single RF Nova.

The key feature of this new release is the new navigation message authentication (NMA) simulation capability, compliant to User ICD 1.0 for the Galileo E1-B OSNMA. Beyond basic authentication-testing capability, specific OSNMA events can be simulated. Testing OSNMA-enabled receivers under these specific events is key to ensuring compliant receiver behavior. The supported events include both a public key renewal and revocation and TESLA keychain renewal and revocation. Also, GPS cross-authentication is fully supported.

Finally, the new release fully supports generation of Galileo E6-C encrypted codes. This enables users to take full advantage of the Galileo third-frequency pilot signal.

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