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HERE Technologies collaborates with AWS on location services for developers

A sample of code in HERE Maps API. (Screenshot: HERE Technologies)

Screenshot: HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer developers access to an array of location services through the recently launched AWS Serverless Application Repository.

Through the collaboration, HERE and AWS are increasing the speed and ease in which developers can access and integrate core location services into their applications.

Because HERE location services are available in the AWS Serverless Application Repository, developers can rapidly deploy AWS Lambda into their own AWS account that serve as proxies to HERE location services, and thus allows for a microservices approach to calling the HERE locations services. This approach also provides developers with benefits from Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda capabilities such as cache, throttling and authentication.

Developers on the AWS Serverless Application Repository have access to a suite of HERE location services, including:

  • map images and tiles
  • geocoding
  • positioning
  • routing
  • road toll costs
  • road traffic conditions
  • public transit information
  • weather conditions.

With credentials from, developers can access the location services on the AWS Serverless Application Repository, now available in Preview.

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