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GMV creates mobile app to for safe return to work

GMV logoTechnology multinational GMV has launched Covclear, a mobile app to ensure a safer and more efficient return to work after the COVID-19 lockdown.

The application helps to make sure offices will be a safe workplace while minimizing the risk posed to the health of employees or other persons who are working in open workplaces in an environment of maximum safety and protection.

The app is collaborative and relies on a principle of co-responsibility between the company and its employees to protect their own health and the health of their relatives and workmates.

Covclear integrates all the following in a single platform: a daily medical health check of all employees; recording of trips to restricted sites; contact tracing within the firm; control of office access by means of temperature readings; quarantine management; and control of site occupancy. It also publishes the company’s healthcare crisis rules.

First and foremost, it offers a self-check prepared by clinicians to assess the state of people and pinpoint any contagion risk before they commute to work. On the basis of employees’ daily responses, the app determines their risk level on their own phone, generating a workplace accessing QR color code.

A red code would trigger automatic three-day contract tracing, giving all these contacts instant and anonymous warning so they can act accordingly. All this is conducive to the ongoing safety of all work colleagues.

Covclear also allows for management of site occupancy, assigning days of on-site working to employees and thereby ensuring maintenance of optimum occupancy levels in places with a large number of workstations.

The app developed by GMV has been designed to protect information at source, thereby guaranteeing data-protection compliance at all times. The company will have access only to the QR code color for carrying out the corresponding access control and to gain an overview of the company’s state of health.

Covclear, which is already successfully up and running in some company offices, springs from the company’s own safety needs. It has been set up in only a few weeks thanks to the company’s wealth of expertise in the development of technology and mobile apps.

At the same time, and mindful that it could be useful for third parties, GMV is also making this app available to its clients and suppliers and to any other firm that might be in need of such safe going-back-to-work services.

Covclear includes four applications: iOS and Android user apps, an Android personnel access control app, and an administration web tool for the company. The data is kept in totally dependable, GDPR-compliant cloud servers.

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