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Gladiator Technologies introduces small, high-performance GNSS/INS

Gladiator Technologies’ low-noise inertial sensor and systems technology coupled with Velox  high-speed processing are now integrated with a 72-channel GNSS receiver to provide compact GNSS/inertial navigation systems (INS) for accurate position, velocity and attitude.

Landmark 60 GNSS/INS. (Photo: Gladiator Technologies)

Landmark 60 GNSS/INS. (Photo: Gladiator Technologies)

The feature set was carefully selected to suit several positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) applications including flight control, navigation and stabilization for imaging, platforms and antennas.

The high-performance LandMark 60 INS/GPS and compact LandMark 005 INS/GPS both feature advanced sensor-fusion technology, combining GNSS position data with Gladiator Technologies’ low-noise, high output inertial sensors as well as barometric pressure and magnetometers.

Both products feature Gladiator Technologies’ proprietary Velox  processing technology and extended Kalman filter (EKF), enabling precision position information during short-term GPS outages.

Velox  Technology combined with the new EKF enable the LandMark  INS/GPS products to have accuracy of less than 2 nautical miles per hour during short-term GPS outages.

Landmark 005 GNSS/INS. (Photo: Gladiator Technologies)

Landmark 005 GNSS/INS. (Photo: Gladiator Technologies)

The LandMark 60 INS/GPS is the top performing unit with +/- 0.3° heading accuracy and pitch/roll angle measurements of 0.1°. It is also available with an option for a real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS receiver.

The small and robust LandMark 005 INS/GPS is less than 35 square centimeters and is suitable for space-constrained applications that require a high standard of INS/GPS performance.

“Our low-noise sensor inputs to the EKF are enhanced by an adaptive estimation algorithm,” said Lee Dunbar, chief software architect. “This, along with extended precision for the nonlinear solution integrator, maximizes the accuracy of position, velocity and attitude. Customer configurable EKF parameters are present to allow optimization for their applications.”

“Leveraging our inertial capability into a complete INS/GPS package was a natural progression for our product line,” said Eric Yates, Gladiator Technologies’ new business development manager. “With the LandMark 005 INS/GPS and LandMark 60 INS/GPS we’re offering an exceptional MEMS-based INS/GPS that fits in the palm of your hand.”

A development kit is available for set-up, configuration and data collection.

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