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GeoSLAM launches ZEB Vision 4K panoramic camera

Colorization and immersive walkthroughs among major updates to geoSLAM solutions

The ZEB Vision 4K panoramic camera. (Photo: GeoSLAM)

The ZEB Vision 4K panoramic camera. (Photo: GeoSLAM)

GeoSLAM has launch the ZEB Vision 4K panoramic camera, which allows users to capture and process colorized data faster than previous company products.

The company also updated its Connect software platform. Both are designed to accompany GeoSLAM’s ZEB Horizon scanner.

With easy deployment via handheld or backpack, the ZEB Vision’s 4K resolution, 360° panoramic image capture and colorization capabilities add a new perspective to visualizing a point cloud. Images are captured simultaneously during a scan, without the need to stop and take photos.

With Connect software, data captured with the ZEB Vision can be easily colorized, without the need for third-party software.

Users can achieve greater understanding and visibility of the data capture environment with an immersive walkthrough, so they don’t have to be the person capturing the data to see it clearly.

“Being able to add context to data, through colorization and image capture, is invaluable, particularly for those working in the surveying, architecture and infrastructure sectors, where the extra details can make all the difference,” said Neil Slatcher, chief product officer, GeoSLAM.

“Our customers completely own the data and images they collect at no extra cost. We are working hard to make capturing geospatial data as easy as possible, from our walk and scan method of data collection to automated workflows. Teaming the ZEB Vision with our updated Connect software will simplify this process even further.”

Besides RGB colorization, new automation options for ZEB users include:

  • Automatic Data Cleaning. A range of new data filters and classifiers within Connect 2.1 provides greater point-cloud clarity by removing outliers and other unwanted points such as people and vehicles.
  • Measuring Tool. Distances between points within any dataset can be measured for quick and accurate analysis.

Existing GeoSLAM customers with a Care subscription can freely update to Connect 2.1; any new products shipped will come with the software, providing users will full ownership of their data.

A colorization data set of GeoSLAM’s headquarters in Nottingham, UK, captured with a ZEB Vision camera. (Image: GeoSLAM)

A colorization dataset of GeoSLAM’s headquarters in Nottingham, UK, captured with a ZEB Vision camera. (Image: GeoSLAM)

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