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Focus Telecom installs GPSdome to protect Israel’s ‘national clock’

Photo: Inifidome

Photo: Inifidome

The national time system at Israel’s National Physics Laboratory (INPL) in Jerusalem is now protected by a GPSdome unit for cyber protection of GPS/GNSS signals, according to Israel’s Homeland Security, a private company established in 2012.

Microchip partner Focus Telecom installed the GPSdome cyber protection system under a support and maintenance contract. GPSdome was developed by infiniDome, an Israeli startup.

INPL’s Nadya Goldovsky will now test and measure the system for its ability to protect the GPS/GNSS satellite signals from jamming and other interference. Over the course of several months, Goldovsky will test the system’s ability to protect its four independent atomic clocks, which continuously supply Israel’s national time.

The cyber protection system is designed to enable continuous, uninterrupted GPS/GNSS service, which allows for full operation of the clocks. During a GPS cyber-attack, infiniDome’s Communication Module will report it to infiniDome’s Cyber Security Cloud.

“GPSdome is a cyber protection system developed based on military technologies and principals which was adapted to non-military, commercial use,” said Omer Sharar, infiniDome’s CEO. “Our systems are already deployed and operational in Israel at multiple sites in the defense/HLS sector, border protection, financial sector and telecom sector.”

The company has signed a global distribution contract with an international PNT solution provider to sell its GPSdome systems in more than 120 countries, Sharar said.

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