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Editorial Advisory Board Q&A: The need for correction services

Will GPS modernization and improvements in GPS receivers and antennas reduce or even eliminate the need for correction services for most applications?

Headshot: Julian Thomas

Julian Thomas, managing director, Racelogic

“For most applications, I think the answer is yes, the need for correction services will be reduced. When you can get <1m without external corrections, the majority of conventional accuracy requirements are fulfilled. However, increases in accuracy always open up new applications for GPS, so correction services will still be required.”
— Julian Thomas

Headshot: Miguel Amor

Miguel Amor, chief marketing officer, Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning Division

“Correction services will continue to be in demand for those markets and applications requiring precision and accuracy below a few inches, 2-3 sigma confidence levels and high reliability, availability and integrity. While ionospheric errors have been low in the past 15+ years, correction services will also provide ionospheric models beneficial in periods of higher activity. Even as there are improvements in user equipment and signal modernization, the demand for correction services will increase in line with these improvements and new functionalities to enable more markets and applications worldwide.”
— Miguel Amor
Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning Division

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