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DJI joins with firefighting provider Rosenbauer on digital emergency response

Photo: iStock Editorial / Getty Images Plus

Photo: iStock Editorial / Getty Images Plus

Aerial perspective and mobile operation management system combine to inform deployment, give increased situational awareness, and save critical time

A new strategic partnership between DJI and Rosenbauer International AG will enable emergency scenarios to be able to be dealt with quicker, more safely and more efficiently, according to the companies.

DJI makes civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, and Rosenbauer manufactures fire service vehicles and firefighting equipment.

The two companies will work together to bring the benefits of digital emergency response management to anyone involved in being called to tackle an emergency situation.

Whether used by a private company at an airport or industrial facility, or a local fire department called out to an emergency even in severe weather, an aerial perspective combined with Rosenbauer’s operation management system enables the situation to be quickly assessed and informed decisions made regarding the safest and most efficient deployment of personnel.

Rosenbauer’s operation management system is the information management system for firefighting operations that supports emergency crews on site with relevant information such as fire safety maps, hazardous material data or vehicle rescue sheets.

Data from DJI’s drone fleet management software, FlightHub, will be integrated into Rosenbauer’s operation management system, giving additional visual and thermal data to the decision maker of the operation.

The information can then be relayed to operational units at the scene on a tablet or displayed on monitors back at the command center giving a full overview of the situation. Informed decisions can be made in real time regarding the efficient and safe deployment of resources such as personnel, vehicles and other equipment.

Data safety is paramount and all information that is delivered to the Rosenbauer operation management system in real-time, and from DJI’s FlightHub, is stored on a server in the highly secure computer center of a well-known European telecommunication firm. The data traffic is secured and encrypted. During deployment, the data is also synced with all mobile end devices so that every operational team has the same information, and it is kept in a closed loop.

“Speed and a truly complete overall picture are key criteria for success when emergency service teams have to make purposeful decisions under time pressure. We have already supported their efforts to meet these criteria with our IT solutions, which range from efficient vehicle management to navigation, right through to alarm applications,” said Dieter Siegel, CEO of Rosenbauer International. “This cooperation with DJI enables us to consolidate our role as a digital pioneer while we work together to develop an integrated technology for comprehensive, data-based firefighting and disaster management.”

“DJI is proud to bring its drone technology to support Rosenbauer’s excellence in fire apparatus manufacturing and its vision of empowering firefighters with the best possible tools for emergency response and disaster relief. At DJI, we aim to provide reliable, scalable drone offerings that empower firefighters, search and rescue and public safety teams to benefit from this technology,” said Roger Luo, President, DJI. ” It plays an increasing role in saving lives, time and resources on a daily basis. This integration is an important step for this long-term partnership, and our commitment demonstrates an increasing maturity in the adoption of drones for firefighting professionals.”

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