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Deployment-ready lidar system Voyage launched

Image: Seoul Robotics

Image: Seoul Robotics

Seoul Robotics has launched Voyage, a plug-and-play lidar perception system. The all-in-one deployment kit is equipped with the company’s proprietary software SENSR2, lidar sensors and a computer.

Seoul Robotics is a 3D computer vision company using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for intelligent robotic perception systems. The company’s sensor-agnostic perception software is deployed by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, the Chattanooga Department of Transportation and Emart, among others.

Seoul Robotics provides companies, institutions and governments with the software behind the sensor that enables its use in markets such as retail, smart cities and security. Voyage is designed to help organizations and communities increase efficiencies and improve safety through a cost-effective, customizable system.

The lidar market, which is on track to reach more than $3 billion by 2025, has become crowded over the past several years as the technology became synonymous with autonomous vehicles. The marketplace is flooded with companies producing sensors to fuel the demand of this industry, but most sensors on the market are sold without any intelligence, leaving companies to develop software in-house, which significantly increases the time and cost of deployment.

With Voyage, organizations are not obligated to purchase a particular sensor if it is not a fit for the solution they are deploying. Customers don’t have to worry about changing software when they change or upgrade their sensors — Voyage is a non-proprietary solution that breaks down the barriers to entry and allows for quick access to 3D vision, according to Seoul Robotics.

“First and foremost, lidar sensors do not work without sophisticated perception software. The lidar industry is investing billions of dollars on sensors without even considering the software needed to interpret the data into actionable solutions,” said HanBin Lee, CEO of Seoul Robotics. “Voyage combines analytics and sensors to bring tangible solutions to market much faster.”

Voyage provides highly accurate object detection, tracking and classification capabilities to enable a wide range of applications for smart cities, intelligent transportation systems, retail analytics, crowd monitoring and security. It fuses three cutting-edge technologies:

  • 3D lidar sensing powered by Seoul Robotics’ proprietary software SENSR2
  • Edge computing for minimum data burden and ease of integration
  • Built-in sophisticated perception software for instantaneous analytics

Voyage provides centimeter-accurate 3D object detection, tracking, and classification in addition to volumetric profiling and motion prediction capabilities, regardless of lighting conditions, and can collect and process data from up to four sensors for seamless insights across the sensor coverage zones. As Voyage does not capture, show or store any biometric and otherwise identifying data, it aims to maximize the protection of people’s privacy when installed as part of various smart cities and security systems.

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