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Consortium receives UK funding for GNSS-denied tech program

The UAVAid Hansard drone. (Photo: UAVAid)

The UAVAid Hansard drone. (Photo: UAVAid)

The consortium of Archangel Imaging, UAVaid and Novit AI have begun a GNSS-denied development program for the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) of the United Kingdom. The 12-month project plans to develop innovative aircraft navigation technology for use in GPS-denied or contested environments.

Project GENIE (GNSS Excluded Navigation Intelligent Enhancement) will mature and advance non-GNSS solutions as part of a long-term objective to enable assured location and navigation in commercial aerospace, helping to unlock the benefits and value of autonomy in civil aviation. The support from NATEP will enable the consortium to take a significant step toward navigation in GNSS-spoofed or -denied environments, the companies said.

“Tomorrow, as we look towards single-pilot operation and future autonomous aircraft, there will not be a pilot or air traffic controller available to mitigate these risks,” stated the companies in a press release. “GENIE has been developed to step into this role. It will be able to identify when a GPS signal has been compromised and, using a combination of techniques, provide a location position as accurate as GPS.”

“The need to provide assured, resilient navigation is a critical enabler for autonomy in the aerospace environment,” said Charles Smith, CCO at Archangel Imaging. “GENIE is a core element of this, and we are very excited to be working with NATEP to help push this technology forward. We see significant commercial exploitation opportunities as a result of this project in the UAV and broader aviation markets and are thrilled to be a part of this round of NATEP funding and support.”

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