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Bad Elf Flex displays power-saving screen

The new display can be easily read in sunlight. (Photo: Bad Elf)

The new display can be easily read in sunlight. (Photo: Bad Elf)

When survey receiver maker Bad Elf set out to make its new Flex device, they knew they had to make the battery last longer. But the device’s screen was eating up power, shortening surveyors’ time in the field.

“As we were building out the idea for Bad Elf Flex, we knew surveyors wanted four things: sunlight readability, a backlight for night visibility, ability to read the screen from a distance of one meter, and a long battery life,” explained Larry Fox, vice president of marketing and business development at Bad Elf. “We found many different display types, but they were all power hungry and not a great fit for surveyors who need to be in the field for a full day.”

After researching options, Bad Elf determined that transflective display technology could offer the power savings and visibility required. The Flex uses Azumo’s reflective LCD technology — a sheet of plastic the width of a human hair. Adhered to the device’s screen stack, it uses a front light instead of a power-hungry back light. The change allows for 90% energy savings.

The new Flex is popular with Bad Elf customers. “They’re getting the kind of quality they want in a high-end receiver, with the affordability they desire. It’s easy to see in the sun, and compatible with a wide variety of apps,” Fox said.

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