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Army approves requirement for Navigation Warfare

The U.S. Army’s Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing/Space Cross-Functional Team has approved the Navigation Warfare Situational Awareness Abbreviated Capability Development Document (A-CDD), signed March 25.

The A-CDD validates the operational need and enables experimentation and rapid prototyping for NAVWAR-SA capabilities for the warfighter.

NAVWAR is deliberate offensive and defensive actions to assure friendly use and prevent adversary use of positioning, navigation and timing information. NAVWAR supports Multi-Domain Operations as an enabler to precision fires, movement and maneuver, force tracking, and a host of data networks that tie personnel and weapon systems together into a joint or coalition force.

NAVWAR-SA provides the capability to detect, identify and locate sources of interference that deny or degrade reception of PNT. It is intended to validate PNT signal integrity and provide users with indication and warnings of the presence and intensity of interference.

NAVWAR-SA will also characterize the operating environment through the integration of multiple sensors that are able to detect, identify and geolocate sources of intentional and unintentional interference.

William Nelson, Director, APNT CFT

William Nelson, Director, APNT CFT

“This A-CDD will enable us to accelerate critical NAVWAR technology development and streamline the process of expediting an operationally relevant system to our warfighters,” said Willie Nelson, director for the APNT/Space CFT. “This capability will enhance our ability to provide real-time situational awareness of PNT reliability to soldiers and commanders on the battlefield, which will enable Long-Range Precision Fires and support freedom of maneuver of large scale ground combat operations.”

NAVWAR-SA will give the Army Forces the ability to “sense” the PNT environment in real-time, allowing commanders and units to maneuver with confidence and with precision when the global positioning system is degraded or denied. This is critical element of NAVWAR operations.

The APNT CFT coordinated with organizations across the modernization enterprise to get the NAVWAR-SA A-CDD approved. The Army Capability managers for Space and High Altitude played a major role in developing the written requirement and getting it through the approval process.

“The requirements provided in the NAVWAR-SA A-CDD are a first step in developing dedicated NAVWAR capabilities for our soldiers and are a key enabler in enhancing lethality in combat operations,” said Col. Tim Dalton, Army Capability manager for Space and High Altitude director.

The A-CDD details methods to leverage new and existing solutions for rapid prototyping, testing and soldier assessment. The APNT/Space CFT will utilize the “buy, try and decide” process to accelerate the development of critical enabling technologies and streamline the process of transitioning a scalable, interoperable and agile capability to the field. This process will inform NAVWAR-SA requirements for current and future Army systems.

“NAVWAR-SA will strengthen the Army’s ability to conduct military operations in PNT-challenged environments,” said David Pinckley, NAVWAR director for the APNT/Space CFT and chairman of the NATO NAVWAR Capabilities Team. “The unfortunate reality is that our systems will continue to be challenged by our adversaries so we are working with our joint and coalition partners to preserve military capabilities while mitigating impacts of interference.”

NAVWAR is one of the three APNT/Space CFT Signature Efforts, which will deliver offensive and defensive NAVWAR capabilities in conjunction with existing Department of Defense NAVWAR policies.

Joint and coalition forces conducting military operations will employ NAVWAR-SA to coordinate and implement mitigating actions to overcome PNT challenged environments.

The APNT/Space CFT plans to assess and test NAVWAR-SA prototypes later this year, during Project Convergence 21 and the CFT’s annual PNT Assessment Exercise at the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

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