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Apple applies for license to install GPS testing equipment at Apple Park

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Apple has applied for a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to install GPS testing equipment within Apple Park.

For the purposes of licensing, GPS transmitters are included in radio broadcasting legislation, and enforced jointly by the FCC and the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration, which is part of the Department of Commerce.

In its application, Apple named two objectives. The first objective is the “illumination of the part of the the facility, located at 1 Apple Parkway, Cupertino, California, with a GPS signal to allow for the testing and experimentation indoors for continued exploration of utilizing GPS technologies within their devices to provide innovation applications and continue to provide safe products.” Its second objective is the “further design, development and enhancement of existing GPS applications to provide greater efficiency and more effective means of utilizing GPS derived information.”

According to Apple Insider, this would mean Apple would install a GPS transmitter or repeater within Apple Park in order to better control and test its own GPS devices. Apple plans to use a GPS repeater called Metro GNSS, Apple Insider added.

The application has not yet been granted, but Apple previously applied three times for licenses to conduct tests regarding cellular and consumer radios, with each application being approved, reported Apple Insider.

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