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Alps Alpine and Furuno develop GNSS module

UMSZ6 module allows high-accuracy vehicle positioning to within 50 cm without correction data

Photo: Alps Alpine

Photo: Alps Alpine

Alps Alpine and Furuno Electric Co. Ltd. have jointly developed the UMSZ6 series GNSS module, providing high-accuracy positioning to within 50 centimeters without having to use position correction data.

On typical 3-meter-wide roads, the module reliably enables vehicle positioning down to the lane level, a requirement of various V2X applications, and makes possible greater sophistication of autonomous driving functions. This is achieved using a multi-frequency GNSS receiver chip based on Furuno’s Extended Carrier Aiding technology.

The module is compact at 17.8 × 18.0 × 3.11 mm while conforming to automotive-grade specifications. Running costs associated with real-time-kinematic (RTK) base stations, correction data receiving, and correction data use are not needed, maximizing cost performance.

Under the joint agreement, Furuno developed and supplied an original multi-frequency GNSS receiver chip — eRideOPUS 9 (model ePV9000B) — and algorithm. Alps Alpine is the first company to use the chip, with the UMSZ6 series.

Alps Alpine plans to carry out evaluations within a real automotive environment to assess performance and interoperability with V2X and other communication modules. Mass production is expected in 2023.

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